Welcome to NYOOBE! Think of all those times you’ve given recommendations to your friends and family about a great restaurant, doctor, insurance agent, or car dealer. The difference with Nyoobe is YOU GET PAID and WHOEVER REFER GETS PAID.

With Nyoobe you can make MONEY by referring anyone to a business, plus sign up new businesses, all with the click of a button! You even get PAID for trying new businesses!

Sound to good to be true? Watch the video to check out how it works!

FOUR ways to get PAID

  • Refer a friend that uses the app

  • Redeem a Referral (Receive a referral or find one yourself)

  • Referral friends that Redeem (Send a referral that gets used!)

  • Sign up a business (Refer a business to the app)

The businesses participating in Nyoobe decide the VALUE of each referral. In return, the businesses attract new customers without paying any form of upfront advertising.

Nyoobe pays CASH rather than product discounts, rebates, store credit or other methods that have proven unsuccessful in motivating patrons to make referrals.

Is NYOOBE for you?

Anyone can use Nyoobe that has a phone.Its as easy as sending a text, email or making a post on your favorite Social Media platform.

A user simply takes a picture of their business experience—say, a picture of a meal at a pizza parlor—through Nyoobe and posts it on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or sends a direct referral via text or email.

Other Nyoobe users who see and accept this offer through the app are linked with the referees member number.

After making a purchase at the same business, those referred would take a picture of their receipt using Nyoobe and both users receive referral money.

Why Did We Create NYOOBE???

Referral marketing is the most effective marketing strategy available to business today. Current Methods to help business facilitate referrals are complicated and expensive and only address one customer at a time proving to be inconvenient to the referrers therefore ineffective to the businesses. Additionally , the current require upfront payment for referrals services or referral campaign management.

Nyoobe’s simple user interface makes it easy and fun for users to refer their favorite products and services therefore increasing the likelihood of making a referral. 

The businesses participating in Nyoobe pay for the referral fees, but have the option of decided what amount they’re willing to pay, Tippins said. In return, the businesses attract new customers without paying any form of advertising.

“It gives you an incentive to make referrals to your friends and gives your friends an incentive to use your referral” - Derek Tippins, CEO