$7k Per Restaurant Case Study

An independent 25 table restaurant grows sales over 200% earning the affiliate $7,000 in the process.



The model restaurant is a 25 table moderately trafficked establishment serving 5850 customers per month.  It has an industry average repeat customer base of 30% and average check amount of $22.  This case study was developed as a model of the earning potential of an affiliate with Nyoobe focusing on the restaurant industry.

Nyoobe is a revolutionary mobile Social Consumer referral application that pays anyone for referring any product or service to anyone in the world. 

Why restaurants are a good model for a Nyoobe Affiliate?

1.    A whopping 45% of diners go out to eat multiple times a week, with another 20% going out to eat once a week. (Source)

2.    Projected annual sales in the restaurant industry are $863 billion – that’s 4% of the country’s gross domestic product. (Source)

3.    American consumers spend 12.6% on food. (Source)

4.    67% of restaurants plan to pay for social media ads in 2019. (Source)

5.    When it comes to social media, restaurants are most likely to use Facebook (91% of restaurants). (Source)


People are eating out more often providing a regular source of referral income.  They are spending a large percentage of income on food, expected restaurant sales are increasing, and the entire restaurant industry is turning to social media specifically Facebook for marketing efforts.

Management was disappointed in traditional methods of advertising and harbored a great desire to boost their more efficient and effective word of mouth sales.  They turned to Nyoobe’s simple to use Social Consumer referral management platform for implementation.

Management’s action steps

The restaurant’s campaign and account set up were completed in four easy steps and the campaign became active the same day.  The restaurant agreed to pay 15% of new customer sales referred by the Nyoobe Network.  They then notified their existing customer base through social media and email.


“We are proud to announce that our business is now available on the Nyoobe Network!  Download Nyoobe today using the link below and we will pay you cash for telling your friends and family about us.”

Affiliate Action Steps

The affiliate introduced the restaurant to Nyoobe by sharing a link within the mobile application.  Afterward, the affiliate went about her business.  Once the restaurant completed the signup process, the affiliate then began referring the business to her friends and family, generating income for every completed referral.


The restaurant grew over 200% while the Affiliate earned nearly $7,000.  The earning potential is limitless for an Affiliate because they are linked to each business they introduce for as long as the business is available on Nyoobe.

rest case study.png

“Nyoobe helped me grow my practice.” ~ Dentist

“Nyoobe made our referral program easy.  Every referral we make will go through Nyoobe” ~ Auto dealership

“The whole process was easy” ~ Business owner


Download Nyoobe today and introduce it to your favorite businesses.  Earn $50 for each completed signup after the business joins and begins paying referral fees.  You must hurry because the best ones will go quickly and can’t be signed up again.  Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!  Introduce those businesses before they’re all gone.