Nyoobe FAQ:

 1. How much am I paid when a business I refer joins Nyoobe?

You will be paid 7% of every Business Transaction through Nyoobe at that business for as long as that business remains a member. For example, The Varsity uses your link to register. Now that The Varsity is on the app, any Nyoobe member can post a referral to Facebook, text, LinkedIn, etc through the app. A member makes a referral to one of their friends who click on the referral automatically saving it to their account. When they redeem the referral after purchasing items from The Varsity, you will be paid 7% of the referral fee The Varsity chose to pay when they created the campaign. To answer another one of your questions here, the link within the referral remains active allowing an unlimited number of people to use it. The app also saves your referral allowing you to repost the ones that were most successful.

2. What if someone recommends to friends a business that is not yet a member of Nyoobe?

Nyoobe doesn’t currently have a method to allow members to refer businesses that aren’t on the app.

3. How much am I paid when a friend downloads the app?

Nyoobe credits your Pending account $10 for everyone using your download referral link located in the Personal Referral section of the app. Nyoobe also credits their Pending account $10 for downloading. Once the new members you referred earn the Minimum Amount ($30), the $10 you were credited for referring them will be moved from Pending to Balance as will theirs and will be available to withdraw once the Balance is at or above $30. Members at this time cannot access the Pending balance. The calculation of the Minimum Amount includes making and redeeming referrals as well as Business Transaction dollars you receive from members redeeming Nyoobe referrals at the businesses you referred to Nyoobe. The $10 members receive for downloading and referring the app is excluded from the minimum amount calculation.

4. How much am I paid when a friend spends money at a business I recommended? I only earn on their

first purchase, or all future purchases?

You will be paid approximately 33% of the referral fee the business chooses to pay. For example, Nyoobe recently added a car dealership that will pay $300 for a referral. If someone redeems your referral at that dealer, you will receive ~$100. Afterward, the person that redeemed the referral will not be able to use another Nyoobe referral at that dealer until the dealer decides to let them use one again - essentially allowing them to become a New Customer again in the eyes of Nyoobe. For a company like a car dealership, we anticipate that to happen infrequently. We expect high volume businesses like The Varsity to regularly allow customers to use Nyoobe referrals.

5. What happens if two different people refer the same person to the same business? Who gets paid?

The person can save referrals to the same business from multiple people. However, only one of the referrals can be redeemed at the business. Afterward, they are no longer considered a New Customer of that business until the business allows them to again become a New Customer.

6. Do my referral links stay the same, or is a different one generated every time I refer someone?

The referral links you post do not expire. You can also make as many different referrals to the same business

as you want. Using different pictures and text (the customized text option isn’t currently available) is encouraged so you can see what works best.

7. What do you mean "redeem referrals"? What is that? How do I do it?

When you redeem a referral you will receive 33% of the referral fee. This is your incentive to spend money with the business. To redeem a referral at this time, you will need to:

- be referred to a business from someone in your network or find a referral using #NyoobeReferral

- select the Nyoobe Referral which will automatically save it to your account

- spend money at the business *save your receipt*

- select the Unclaimed Referral from the Claimed Referrals tab - upload an image of the receipt.

8. Jack refers a car dealer to Nyoobe. The car dealer decides to pay $300 referral fee. I refer Tom to the

car dealer. Tom buys a car there. Tom gets a $100 rebate or discount. I get $100 for sending him. Jack

gets $21 (7%) for enrolling the dealer. Nyoobe would get the remaining $79.


9. If Tom was just searching on his own for a dealer that was a member of Nyoobe & paying a referral

fee, found this dealer, & bought a car from them, I would receive nothing. Tom would get $100 & Jack

would get $21. Nyoobe would get $179.

In this instance, someone would have to make the referral for Tom to redeem. Nyoobe, at this time, cannot be the referring party and Tom cannot refer himself. Someone would receive the referral portion, Tom would receive the redemption portion and Jack would receive his 7%.

10. If Jack was the one to refer Tom to the dealer that Jack had enrolled in Nyoobe, Tom would get his

$100 discount, Jack would get $121, & Nyoobe would get $79. I would get nothing because I had no role

in the transaction.


11. Another question. Do the businesses that join Nyoobe decide how much of a discount they will

give? Is there a minimum percentage they must give as a discount?

The business determines how much they pay per referral. They have the option between a flat amount that they choose or a percentage from 5% to 100%.